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1.What you need to know about deep wave wigs and full lace wig

2.1Deep wave wig

2.2Benefits of deep wave wig

3.1Full lace wig

3.2Benefits of buying full lace wig

Traditionally wig was only used as means to cover the hair loss and hair thinning which was the result of alopecia or chemotherapy treatment. Now with time the wigs are not limited to their traditional usage instead is used more like an accessory which you can change depending on your mode and the look you are trying to create. The wig industry is growing rapidly unlike before when the manufacturers and the buyers were not many but now with demand, the production is also increased .Statistics show forecast the market value of wigs and extensions will be 13.28 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. These numbers say it all not only is the demand and production is increased but a great number of varieties of wigs are also coming into the market. The basis kind being human hair wig and synthetic wig and from there, each have further types depending on the lace, material used for their manufacturing .Glueless wigs, wet and wavy wigs shaped wig, colorful wig, full lace wig, deep wave wig, these are just some of the many types of wigs available in market .To make it easier for you when buying a wig we will tell you more about wigs in this article so continue reading.

Deep wave wig

Do you want a wig that not only adds volume and body to your hair but is also suitable for all occasions? Well, we have the perfect wig for you deep wave wig not only adds volume and body to your hair but unlike other kinds of wigs which you need to change according to the occasion. In the case of a deep wave wig, it is suitable for all occasions. Going to the office, a Sunday brunch with friends, or a party afterward is just perfect for all these occasions and many more. Before deep wave wigs were mostly worn by the colored community but now people from all communities buy and wear them. It is not wrong to say that celebrities are the actual trendsetter same goes for the case of deep wave wigs since celebrities started to wear deep wave wigs in their music videos and red carpet looks and even in daily life many women's become influenced by this trend and bought deep wave wigs for themselves.

Benefits of deep wave wig

Deep wave wigs have many benefits some of which are listed below.

1. Natural appearance

Deep wave gives the wearer a very natural appearance .As the base is made up of lace and in it full, bouncy, and soft hair are sewn. It results in a high-density wig that makes it look like the hair is growing out of your scalp.

2. suitable for all occasions

As mentioned before deep wave wigs are suitable for all occasions you do not have to change your wig depending on the occasion .Deep wave wig is best if you want a wig that is suitable enough to attend all functions

3. Top choice

Deep wave wig is now one of the most sold wigs as it is the top choice of many women across the world.

Many store both online and offline sell deep wave wigs but the store we recommend you not only sells the best quality of wigs made from human hair but the prices are also reasonable for the quality of wigs you are getting. Luvmehair has the top quality deep wave wig not only do these wigs come in different lengths, textures, and colors the best thing about the luvmehair store is that they can make a custom wig for you as per your requirements amazing right.

Full lace wig

The best thing about full lace wig is that it looks so natural it's almost impossible to tell if the wearer is wearing a wig or not. The real credit goes to the full lace cap which is the base of the full lace wigs. Compared to frontal lace wigs which only have lace in the front, full lace wigs have a lace cap that covers the complete head at a 360 angle. All the hair is sewn by hand strand by strand which creates the illusion of hair growing out the scalp. When it comes to lace used in the manufacturing of this wig it is mostly made from the best quality Swiss lace which is considered the best quality of lace when it comes to making a wig. The credit goes to the thinness of the lace wig which makes it very breathable and the color of the lace is also very light designed especially to match the wearer's skin tone .This is one of the reasons why full lace wigs are so popular and most sold.

Benefits of buying full lace wig

There are many benefits of buying full lace wig some of them are listed below

1. Most suitable for summers

The lace of a full lace wig is very thin and breathable and that makes them perfect for hot summer weather as the wearer will not sweat as much when wearing a full lace wig. The full lace wigs are overall very light and comfortable perfect for everyday use.

2. Variety of styles

Full lace wigs give you style versatility .As it comes with the option to do any kind of hair parting without exposing the fact that you are wearing a wig. Pill hair, high ponytail, all of these styles, and many more styles can be done with a full lace wig.

3. Natural look

A full lace wig is pre-plugged with the purpose to create a natural hairline to give realistic visual effects. The lace is very light and is designed in such a way to match all skin tones. With a naked eye, others will not be able to tell if you are wearing a wig or not .They need to pay a very close attention

4. Protects your natural hair

With a full lave wig, you do not have to dye your natural hair if you want to try something new with your hair. You just need to dye your full lace wig this saves your real hair from the damage chemical will cause if you dye them.

After reading all these benefits of a full lace wig now you must be thinking you should also buy a full lace wig the question is which is the best store when it comes to selling a full lace wig? Luvmehair has the best quality of full lace wigs not only these wigs are of top quality but also come in different lengths and colors too .You have plenty of options to choose from .You will not regret buying your wig from luvmehair at all.

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