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Are you looking for a portable solution for air cooling? Or do you just want to reduce the electricity bill by using a more efficient air cooling device? Then, the Arctos portable air cooler and air freshener is the best solution.

Arctos is one of the trending portable air coolers in the United States. Its super fantastic features up it into this much of a top.

So, let's move into the key features of Arctos air cooler.

One Look over Guide

Usage● Powerful air cooler

● Standard Fan

● Humidifier

Allowed to useAnyone (Except toddlers )
Guide BookYes
PortabilityYes/ Easy
Power EfficiencyExcellent
Wires availabilityYes
Modern deviceYes
Product Return and RefundYes (within 60 days)
Price per unit$ 89.99
AvailableOnline Store
Position onFlat surface

Arctos ac Product Specification

  • 3 different fan speed
  • Adjustable vents to directional airflow
  • Replaceable water filter (can be used 3-6 months)
  • LED night light inside the water chamber

However, before purchasing any device, you should know its features and how it works. So, let's move into the features of Arctos air cooler.

How does Arctos ac work?

It is super easy to set and use Arctos portable air cooler. You just have to follow 3 simple steps.

Let's take a look at how to operate Arctos portable ac!

Step 1

  • Set the Arctos ac on a flat surface
  • Attach the power adapter to the port and set the other end into a wall outlet

Step 2

  • Remove the filter from Arctos ac drawer
  • Soak it in water
  • Insert back into the drawer

Step 3

  • Fill the water tank of the Arctos air cooler with water
  • Choose your preferred setting
  • Enjoy cool air instantly!

The simplicity of the Arctos portable air cooler is impressive. Rather than simplicity, this fantastic product comes with a pack of features.

So, let's check why people love Arctos portable ac rather than other ac devices.

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Perfect for summer

Most people find it hard to bear summer's super-hot weather conditions. The excessive sweat and heat lose the refreshed mood and confidence.

So, do you want to break up from the sun?

Arctos introduces a portable air cooler as the solution to bear with hot weather! It is not just a cooler. It is a kind of humidifier. So, you can experience a nice vibe and long-lasting relief in the summer with the Arctos ac unit.

Fast and easy Setup

It is easy to set up this innovative device. It just takes minutes. You just have to plug it into the switch. Also, the Arctos offers a user guide for every product. People can read it and use the product by following these simple guidelines.

Lightweight and portable

We all love to use smart devices rather than complex ones. The Arctos portable ac is one of the best equipment that consists of modern technology. Arctos included all the features in the compact device. Also, it is lightweight.

Due to these unbelievable features, users can bring this excellent product anywhere. Whenever you are going room to room, office, kitchen, or garage, you can easily take Arctos portable air cooler with you.

Duel functions

You can use Arctos portable device not only for the air cooler but also as the humidifier. This is a great choice that comes with multiple benefits.

Let's check how Arctos ac works as a cooler and humidifier!


People using a regular fan or air conditioner are subject to dehydration. However, the Arctos portable air cooler comes with a humidifier. It emits water vapours and keeps your room at optimum conditions. So, the Arctos portable ac gives more benefits than other similar products.

Get excited? Keep reading; I will explain how the Arctos humidifier works.

How does Arctos humidifier work?

The Arctos consists cool water tank in their device. Under dry weather, the air gets heat. When heat is transferred into the Arctos tank water, it starts to evaporate. As a result, the water level of the tank gets declines. The Arctos portable ac uses a water barrier to speed up evaporation.

This is how the humidifier cools the surroundings. Plus, it helps to prevent skin, eye, and nasal passages from drying out. Hence, it will give a more comfortable feel and also it is a kind of health benefit.

Rapid air cooling

It is essential to have a rapid air cooling feature in any air cooling device. Suppose no one wants to wait a long time until the surroundings get cool. However, if you have an Arctos portable air cooler, you do not need to worry about air cooling time.

The Arctos ac works really nice and cools the air within seconds. So, here, you do not need to wait. Isn't it great?


Due to the smart and modern look, the Arctos ac well suited for any room. It will nicely improve the beauty of your room. So, if you love to have a smart life, Arctos will be your first choice.

Optimize the weather

The 3 fan speeds come with the Arctos portable ac, including high, moderate, and slow. Also, it has a variable vent for directing airflow. Hence, users can optimize their surroundings according to their personal preferences.

High Quality

Most people choose Arctos due to its consistent and trouble-free performance. Even on the longest, hottest days, you can live happily with the high-quality Arctos ac.

Plus, Arctos air cooler is a high-end product. Therefore, users can experience an unbelievable cooling experience while enjoying the outer appearance of this product.


Due to the quality materials, the Arctos air cooler can use for an extended period. Even in regular usage, it has good durability.

Perfect for limited spaces

Are you looking for a cooler for your dorm room or any other small room? The Arctos portable ac unit will give a superb experience. Due to its dimensions, you can easily put it on a small table or any other flat surface.

Easy to move around

Most other air conditioners and regular fans are difficult to move. But if you have an Arctos portable ac unit, you can change its direction according to your movements.

Therefore, people love to use this device while sleeping, studying, and having a small nap.

Keep Arctos near to you

The Arctos company recommends setting Arctos air cooler near a user's workspace or leisure. It will give more effective results and a great experience.

Also, it is best if your roommate doesn't like the cool weather or if he has a fever. Because Arctos doesn't flow cool air directly to them, you can customize the direction.

Affordable price

Arctos portable ac units are available at a very affordable price range. Also, if anyone buys two or more units, they will receive fascinating discounts.

Let's check the prices of Arctos portable air cooler.

1 Arctos personal space cooler price: $89.99

2 Arctos portable air cooler price: $179.99

4 Arctos portable air cooler price: $246.99

You can buy Arctos units using PayPal or a credit card.

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Minimal Noisy

Indeed you may have experience with regular Air conditioners, fans, and other air cooling devices. So, do you have any idea about how much noise they generate? Sometimes, you may feel frustrated because of its noises.

However, if you buy the Arctos air cooler, you can work under minimal noise. The Arctos personal cooler work very quietly. Isn't it a great innovation?

Arctos personal space cooler efficiency

We all worry about the efficiency when buying a piece of electric equipment. We all love to buy a device that has super efficiency. It gives great relief to our pockets.

Other cooling alternatives such as air conditioners, ceiling fans, and other portable fan types consume much power, and it will cause to generate a massive electricity bill.

The Arctos team understands this situation well and builds their Arctos ac units with high efficiency. It saves a lot of electricity rather than the same category devices while cooling the environment with water vapours.

LED light system

The Arctos air cooler consists attractive mood lighting system. The 7 LED colors light up with the different patterns.

You do not need to switch on extra lights at night in your bedroom. The intensity of the light is better for having a good sleep. It doesn't look distracting and subtle.

So, enjoy the day with delightful movements!

Moreover, the LED lights also indicate the water level of the tank. So users can refill it at the correct time. However, do not panic. You do not need to check the water level hourly. The Arctos ac tank has a 450 ml capacity. Once you fill the Arctos ac tank, it can cool the air for hours.

Easy to clean

The cleaning process of most Air coolers is complicated. Most people have to take support from experts or service providers. However, if you have an Arctos air cooler, you are free from most of these struggles.

The Arctos portable air cooler is easy to clean. Let's check the steps.

Step 1: Wipe out the exterior parts using a soft, damp cloth

Step 2: For optimal performance, carry on Arctos portable ac filter replacement every 3-6 months

If you do not use it for a while, remove the Arctos portable ac filter and allow both filter and unit to dry out fully. Then store it in a safe place.

Limited storing space needed

Arctos personal coolers can store in a limited space. Hence, if you do not need to use it, you can safely pack it in a cupboard or any other safe place.

That's why people said the Arctos is smart because it does not consume your home's free spaces.

Eco-friendly Product

Due to efficient technology, Arctos ac units do not consume much energy. Also, they do not emit any harmful gases or chemicals into the environment.

That's how Arctos air cooler is in the top rank of eco-friendly products when compared with the same line alternatives.

Bunch of offers

Here, I have the best news to share with you. Arctos offer some gift for their new customers. So, this is your chance to grab this amazing cooler and live comfortably even in the summer.

Order today and enjoy a limited-time discount!

Plus, enjoy more discounts for extra purchases. Arctos has an impressive package; click here to check them.

Enjoy the super relaxation

The Arctos ac is a kind of gift that anyone can enjoy. It creates a super cool vibe in the surroundings. So, it inspires human beings for work, leisure, and relaxation. That's why Arctos portable air cooler has become one of the trending items among most offices.

Now you may have a good idea about this product. However, there are some other important facts you should know. So, keep reading!

Is Arctos portable ac legit?

The Arctos ac units are a low-cost alternative for traditional air cooling systems. You can enjoy a chilling vibe with the single Arctos ac unit instead of turning on the air conditioner for the entire home or setting up the window-based air cooling system.

On the other hand, the typical air conditioner removes the atmosphere's moisture. It causes to dry out inside the home. It may affect your skin, eyes, and nasal passage.

The Arctos air cooler unit is an intelligent alternative. It will not cause to dry out the body. Also, give some natural chilling experience. Hence, Arctos air cooler is a legit device that you afford at a low cost.

Where can you buy Arctos portable ac?

We all have a limited time to spend in the day. So, every minute has a certain alternative cost. It can be a time slot you have to earn money or else have a little chat with your family and kids.

Thus, don't waste your time traveling to the shopping mall and roaming around it. Also, it will create more wants and cause you to lose money. The Arctos portable air cooler is available at the online store. So, just click here and place your order. It will save your earnings.

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Where to place Arctos air cooler?

The Arctos manufacturer recommends positioning the Arctos air cooler unit on a flat surface, close to an open window, for better performance.

How to return Arctos ac?

If anyone is unsatisfied with the Arctos portable air cooler, they can return it within 60 days of purchase, and Arctos offer a full refund.

Make sure your product has the below things to be eligible for return.

  • The Arctos air cooler must be in new condition
  • The product must be in an original package and shipping container
  • Arctos air cooler should be returned to the return facility address (provided by customer service)

The repaired, modified devices do not accept. The Arctos company is not responsible for damages, crashes, or poor product performance caused by improper use or mishandling of the Arctos air cooler.

However, once customers have this excellent divide, they do not think about returns and refunds. Arctos portable air cooler is that much superior.

Keep in touch with the customer reviews

Users are the best group that has real-time experience with relevant products. Anyone can read the customer review on google, Reddit or amazon before making a decision.

Here, you all are welcome to read Arctos portable ac reviews. People can review the pros and cons of the product. They will help you to understand Arctos portable ac unit is really worth the money.

Plus, you can ask questions on Reddit like, "is Arctos ac good?" Reddit has a good audience that supplies accurate and more reasonable answers. Moreover, you can read customer reports of Arctos portable ac Canada sites. It covers most of the things you should know about Arctos ac.

However, once you read these reviews, you will not leave the page before clicking the purchase now button because most people love this amazing portable cooler.

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Why is Arctos portable air cooler famous in Canada and USA?

The heat build-up while doing activities, especially in summer. After certain activities, when people come indoors, they feel unbearable conditions.

On the other hand, USA and Canadian have really hot weather conditions like the tropics. The worst thing is people's bodies have to put huge effort into dealing with the hot weather. Summer is excellent for enjoying outdoor activities. But after finishing them, people have to worry about the excess heat.

To solve these issues, they tend to use Arctos portable cooler. It will become trendy because it is less costly, easy to use, and portable!

Place your order through the original site

Now you may have a good understanding of the Arctos portable cooler. Also, sometimes you may find the same type of products on third-party websites like Amazon and Walmart.

However, if you want to enjoy the super exciting discounts and original prices, you must visit the Arctos ac provider's original site. No intermediates will be created a reliable relationship between the customer and the company.

So, don't waste time; place your order now. Enjoy the full refreshing life with the Arctos portable cooler device!

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